Clubfeet in baby: abnormal position in the womb


Clubfeet occur in about one in a thousand babies. The severity of the complaint can differ per baby. In this blog post, you can read the causes, the symptoms, and the consequences of an abnormal position in the uterus for clubfeet in a baby.

Clubfeet by babies

Clubfoot is a congenital abnormality of the position of the foot. In the Netherlands, around 200 babies are born with clubfeet every year, and about half of these children have two clubfeet.

Abnormal position in the womb

The exact cause why and how a baby gets a drop foot is often not clear. This could be due to many different factors. One of these factors can be an abnormal position in the uterus during pregnancy. A clubfoot may occur during pregnancy because there is not enough space in the uterus. This is, for example, due to a twin pregnancy or when the baby is in a breech position.

baby clubfoot

Examination of clubfeet in a baby

It often becomes apparent during the 20-week ultrasound that the baby has clubfeet. For example, this can be because, for example, twins appear to be present in the womb or because of a lack of space in the womb. The baby goes into a convulsion, and that causes clubfeet.

Cause of a clubfoot

The cause of clubfoot is that certain tendons and/or muscles in the lower leg are too long or too short. As a result, the foot and the bones assume a different position. A clubfoot is treatable.

Symptoms of a clubfoot

Clubfeet are feet that are pointed downwards and turned inwards. The clubfoot is shaped like a regular foot. The foot’s position is ‘fixed,’ which means that children cannot move the foot to a normal position. This is because tendons and muscles are shortened and developed differently than in a regular foot. The clubfoot also contains all the bones and toes.

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The baby has clubfeet, now what?

If clubfeet are discovered, a second ultrasound will take place to check. At that point, nothing changes about the pregnancy. The parents are only referred to an orthopedist to discuss the situation. The orthopedist will help further so that the baby fully recovers from the clubfeet.

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