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“Your shoes have made treating Dan’s club foot 100% easier for us”

I am so glad to hear from you because I think at some point we may need one more pair of shoes before Dan gets done with his treatment.  Yes, you may use anything I have said in the past, and I would add that your shoes have made treating Dan’s club foot 100% easier for us.  Putting on the Dennis Brown shoes was so hard, and somehow, he could always get them off in the middle of the night.  Your shoes stay on, and they are comfortable for him so that he really doesn’t mind having them on at all.  You made life easier, and I am so thankful to you for that!

Wendy Beach / Vergennes, Vermont
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“My daughter has stopped crying and finally she can sleep good!”

Thank you very much for your work.  Yesterday we had the visit to the doctor and he was very excited with the shoes because in my country, it is impossible to find them.  He told us that our daughter is good, from the first day my daughter had stopped crying and finally she can sleep good!  I am going to recommend to all of the parents in the hospital to buy your shoes.  These shoes are fantastic!.

David V.
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“I am so thankful every day for these shoes”

I hope all is well with you! Chelsea is doing very well. She had a checkup with Dr. Feldman and her foot remains supple. I believe your shoes saved her! I am so thankful every day for these shoes… the shoes you have designed are so wonderful…

Meredith Bright / West Orange, New Jersey
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“We are so appreciative of how easy it is to take these shoes on and off”

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how happy we are with our Ponseti Clubfoot brace.  My daughter was born with left clubfoot in 2004, and we attempted to use the Markell shoe.  She cried all the time, and was always slipping out of the shoes.  We felt terrible because we could not be successful, and ultimately stopped using it.

When she began to relapse, we went to Dr. Ponseti this time.  At age 2 , early this summer, he re-casted and put her in your brace.  She has never once complained about being in any discomfort. She sleeps just fine with it on, and calls it her “night-night shoes”.  I can’t believe the difference.  We are so appreciative of how easy it is to take these shoes on and off and how comfortable it is for her.

Julie Miller / Appleton, WI
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“He’s turning over with them on and is trying to crawl now”

I wanted to let you know that your shoes make a HUGE difference.  Tristen keeps these shoes on for 18-20 hours a day-WITHOUT crying!!  Plus he sleeps in them!  I can’t believe the difference!  We put them on him- it only takes one person- and he does not cry- he actually likes to play with the end of the strap.  He’s turning over with them on and is trying to crawl now.

Denise, Terry, and Tristen Williamson / Shreve, Ohio
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“The shoes are so well designed and comfortable”

Our son Anthony, aged 13 months, has atypical clubfeet and has been wearing the Ponseti AFO made by John Mitchell since he was 4 months old.  When he first went into the shoes, his heels did not come down, but over a period of a few weeks in the shoes, they did come down.  The shoes helped his feet to become less stiff.  We saw Dr. Ponseti in March 2005, and he said to John Mitchell, “John, you should be congratulated- your shoes have helped fix this child’s feet”.  Anthony has never experienced a sore or blister, the shoes are so well designed and comfortable.  We remain ever grateful to John Mitchell & Dr. Ponseti for designing these shoes, thus allowing Anthony’s feet to now function perfectly.  Thank you!

Stella & Philip Morris & family / Woldingham, Surrey, United Kingdom
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“He wore them all day and all night and didn’t cry once” “He laughed and played and smiled all day”

My name is Tina Berryman.  My son Ethan was born March 6, 2004 with bilateral clubfoot.  It came as quite a shock as we were not aware of it before hand.  Fortunately, we discovered the Ponseti Method of treatment and Ethan was casted at 13 days old. 


After a series of casts and minor heel cord lengthening, his feet were corrected and we went into the standard DBB with white Markell shoes.  This was the beginning of our nightmare.  Ethan could not tolerate these shoes.  He screamed constantly.  There were weeks of sleepless nights and times that I just wanted to give up.  I knew that these shoes were hurting my precious baby but I knew that they were the key element to his treatment.  He immediately had red marks and blisters. 


The orthotist told us to put rubbing alcohol on his feet to “toughen them up”.  This wasn’t acceptable to me and I decided to contact John (Mitchell) about a new shoe that he had begun making.  I talked to several parents who use the shoes and were extremely happy with them.  My husband and I talked it over and decided that a happy baby was worth anything and we bought the shoes.  Once we got those shoes I put them on Ethan immediately.  He cried and fussed while I was putting them on but as soon as I was done, HE ACTUALLY SMILED AT ME!!!  I just cried.  It was the difference between night and day. 

He wore them all day and all night and didn’t cry once.  He laughed and played and smiled all day.  These shoes literally changed my child.  He was so grouchy and so miserable that my husband and I actually decided not to have any more children because there was a slight chance that the next baby could have clubfoot also and there was no way we were going to go through that again.  Needless to say, John Mitchell’s shoes changed all that because we are expecting our 3rd child in May who was also diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot by ultrasound.  I am not worried though…I know that John will have a pair of shoes ready for us when we need them!

Tina Berryman / Caldwell, Idaho
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“Your service has always been outstanding”

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!  In a day and age where customer service is extremely lacking with most companies, MD Orthopaedics goes above and beyond every time.  In the 5 years that my daughter has been wearing Mitchell shoes, your service has always been outstanding from everything to demeanor on the phone to timeliness in delivering products to expertise in answering questions.  You all ROCK!

Mary S.
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“The holes near the heel is the best because we never have to guess whether he is slipping”

Just a reminder that we are the family from Phoenix, AZ.  Our son’s name is Ian Carlson.  The sandals work great!  The holes near the heel is the best because we never have to guess whether he is slipping in the shoes at all.  For the last two days, the shoes have not fallen off at all and Ian has been very active and kicking like crazy.

Liz Carlson
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“Your shoes are a dream come true”

I think what you have done is unbelievable.  I have never had better luck until we met you all. Your shoes are a dream come true and Abbi loves these shoes compared to any other shoes.  It is part of her routine to put the shoes on before bed and actually she fusses when we don’t put them on.  I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter and by all means you can use anything I have said or you can even let other moms and dads know that they can contact me if they have any questions…Thank you,

Becky Engman / Phoenix, AZ