Ponseti Method Insights videos

John Mitchell, creator of the Mitchell Ponseti AFO, demonstrates how to put the AFO onto your child, and how to attach the AFO to the abduction bar.

John Mitchell, creator of the Mitchell Ponseti ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) shows parents what to expect when they open their first package from MD Orthopaedics.

Every 3 minutes a baby is born with clubfoot deformity. If left untreated, clubfoot can lead to a lifetime of physical disability. These are the stories from people around the world using the Ponseti clubfoot treatment method.

This film presents archival footage of an interview with Dr. Ignacio Ponseti explaining how he developed his non-surgical method of treatment and how it came to be accepted as the gold standard.

MD Orthopaedics debuted this film by Lane Wyrick at the 2021 SiCOT Orthopaedic World Congress in Budapest, Hungary.