Sizing Chart

Choosing the right boot size can be a bit tricky. However, to choose the right size you must keep in mind a few important factors. 

Before or after?

Generally, the foot should be measured by a doctor. There are “two ways” here. One says that the foot is measured immediately before the tenotomy for hygiene reasons – most often the measuring ruler is not sterile. The second says that the foot is measured after tenotomy directly because the result of this measurement is more reliable. It doesn’t matter much in either case. Regardless of the time of measurement (before-after), the doctor must take into account the appropriate reserve taking into account:

  • natural stretching of the foot, which is a consequence of tenotomy: when the Achilles tendon is cutted and the clubfoot can achieve full range of motion, the tendons in the sole of the foot stretch too – of course, the foot will stretch for another 3 or 4 weeks being in a plaster cast, but this first moment is very intense
  • plaster cast put on for 3 or 4 weeks (or 2 + 2 weeks or 1 + 2 weeks), where it is natural that the foot will grow slightly and stretch even more

There is one more time when it can measure the foot and you can do it too: this is a situation where a plaster cast change is planned after tenotomy (system: 2 weeks + 2 weeks or 1 week + 2 weeks), the foot is measured between the plaster cast changes – this can be done by a doctor or by you.


The foot is measured from the heel to the longest toe (this is one measurement) – as a rule, it is a big toe, but it can happen that it is ATYPICAL OR COMPLEX CLUBFOOT , where the big toe is in the hyperextension and is shorter. Then the measurement is made from the heel to the longest toe. The foot is also measured at its widest point (second measurement).