Lomed distributor Ponseti products from MD Orthopaedics

Lomed distributor Ponseti products from MD Orthopaedics

As a distributor of the Ponseti products of MD Orthopaedics, Lomed supplies clubfoot products in various countries. Find out in this blog post what distributorship entails, who MD Orthopedics is and what range of clubfoot solutions is offered.

What does the distributorship mean?

At Lomed we are continuously developing the product range and adapting to changes in the market. As of today, Lomed is responsible for the sales and logistics activities within Europe of the original Ponseti clubfoot products from MD Orthopaedics. We are happy to be of service to you and your colleagues, so that deliveries are guaranteed against market conditions. With the same service and conditions as you are used to from us.

Who is MD Orthopaedics?

MD Orthopaedics is an orthopedic device company focused on the design, manufacture, assembly and distribution of clubfoot products using the Ponseti method. MD Orthopaedics products are used to teach, train and implement the Ponseti method of treating club feet.

What does the MDO Ponseti range consist of?

The Ponseti range consists of the Ponseti AFO sandals, of which different variants are available. We also offer the abduction bar, which is suitable when wearing the AFO sandals. In addition, we offer various accessories for the AFO sandals and training models for training about the clubfoot condition. You can request a current article overview without obligation from one of our product specialists.

Advantages of MDO Ponseti products

Proper treatment of clubfoot is of great importance for your clients. Below you will find the biggest advantages of purchasing MDO Ponseti products through Lomed.

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