Clubfeet and chromosome abnormality


The clubfoot is a deviation of the foot. In most cases, this is discovered after 20 weeks. It is often not clear why one baby has a clubfoot and another does not. However, there are possible causes, such as a chromosome abnormality. In this post, we will discuss these chromosome abnormalities.

How does a clubfoot form?

A clubfoot means that some tendons or muscles are too long or short in the lower leg. As a result, the bones in the foot take on a different shape. This phenomenon occurs in the womb during pregnancy. In most cases, this has to do with a lack of space in the uterus, an abnormality in the baby, or a possible event during pregnancy.

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Clubfeet and a chromosome abnormality

A possible chromosome abnormality can be one of the causes that can cause a clubfoot.

Trisomy 18 is such a chromosome abnormality. This abnormality is usually caused by an error in the egg. It can also be caused by an error in the sperm cell. Due to this error, chromosome 18 is present in triplicate rather than in duplicate. Usually, this is the case with all cells in the body. However, it also happens that the extra chromosome is not present in all cells. One of the outward appearances of this is clubfeet.

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Syndromes and clubfeet

There is a risk of clubfeet with various syndromes. How the abnormality manifests itself differs per situation and per syndrome. In most cases, it is due to a mistake in the gene or the chromosomes. It is also possible that there is an error in the egg or sperm cell.

How can clubfoot be treated?

A clubfoot can be treated in different ways with the right orthopedic aids. This can be done utilizing a shoe and a brace. You will find Ponseti tools in our range. These shoes and braces force the clubfoot. In this way, it is ensured that the foot slowly returns to its normal position.

Advantages of Ponseti products with a clubfoot

Ponseti-clubfoot has properties that characterize the product. These advantages make the product a unique baby clubfoot aid that sets it apart from similar models. The benefits of Ponseti can be found below.

Clubfoot Shoes Mitchell Ponseti® AFO standard (each)(grey)


Standard ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for use in Ponseti Method correction of clubfoot.

✅ Patented, high-quality footwear system based on the Ponseti Method
✅ Straps & soft synthetic leather body
✅ Increased heel visibility
✅ Easy locking and releasing of footwear, which attaches to the Ponseti Abduction Bar
✅ Dorsiflexion built into Ponseti Abduction Bar

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Clubfoot Shoes Mitchell Ponseti® AFO Toe Stilt with Ponseti® Abduction Bar


Toe Stilt ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for use in Ponseti Method correction of clubfoot. Maintains dorsiflexion of the foot via a wedge at the front of the AFO. The Quick Clip system connects the AFO to the abduction bar to maintain proper alignment.

✅ Includes all the basic features of the Mitchell Ponseti® AFO Standard
✅ Designed to promote dorsiflexion
✅ Permanent 10-degree wedge attached to front of AFO

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